Friday, January 10, 2014

"You're either with me or you're not..."

I made myself a goal this year to be more honest with myself, and on this blog. I also made a goal to let go of negative situations and people. This is still the beginning of 2014 so I'll see how this year ends up.

I follow missjia on twitter as well as her personal blog and she had a post that basically says that people will hit her up all the time to promote things and she will oblige, but when she needs help friends are nowhere to be found. Which brings me to this post I'm writing.

I've found myself in numerous situations where people have come to me because they have needed something, and then I don't hear from them for while. The minute I need help or advice, they're nowhere to be found. Well now that I am 30 and pretty damn grown, I've decided that I have had enough! You're either with me (all of the time) or not with me (at all)

I don't like people who only want to be "bothered" with you when its convenient for them, and no other reason. If you only want to come to me because it benefits you, please don't come to me at all. Id rather not have you in my life, than only in it sometime.

With that said have you ever had someone come to you only for convenience? Or only come to you when it benefits them?


  1. I'm with ya girl. I know its only through social media but still with ya ;). I know exactly how you feel though. I had this discussion just yesterday with my mom.

  2. I had this discussion with my husband we we ranted for a whole about people LOL